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    農業農村部發布 強化動物檢疫監督工作事項公告 The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a notice on strengthening the supervision of animal quarantine


    、 The animal health supervision agency shall strengthen the management of official veterinarians, and in combination with the establishment of animal quarantine declaration points, clarify the official veterinarian's work location, management scope, and authority to issue certificates, so as to realize the related management of official veterinarians and quarantine declaration points. "Multiple vehicles, one certificate" is prohibited. For animals and animal products transported by different vehicles, the official veterinarian shall issue quarantine certificates respectively.




    、Units and individuals engaged in the transportation of livestock and poultry shall file with the competent department of agriculture and rural affairs of the people's government at the county level where they are located.

    When filing, the unit's business license, personal identity certificate and other materials should be submitted in the "Muyuntong" information system. Persons suffering from zoonotic infectious diseases shall not directly engage in animal transport activities.

    Vehicles for transporting livestock and poultry shall be filed with the competent department of agriculture and rural affairs of the people's government at the county level where they are located. When filing, the business license of the vehicle owner, the driving license of the transportation vehicle, and the photo of the transportation vehicle shall be submitted in the "Muyuntong" information system.


    、Livestock and poultry transport vehicles shall meet the following conditions:


    The walls and bottoms of the carriages and the isolation floor shall be resistant to corrosion, leakage, and high temperature, so as to facilitate cleaning, disinfection and drying;


    It has facilities and equipment to prevent the leakage and scattering of animal excrement and other pollutants;


    The vehicle is equipped with cleaning, disinfection equipment and disinfection drugs;


    For transport across provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, it shall be equipped with a satellite positioning system vehicle terminal that meets the requirements of the Ministry of Transport;


    It has other facilities and equipment to ensure animal epidemic prevention.



    、The competent agricultural and rural departments shall verify the relevant materials and information when handling the filing.

    If the filing materials meet the requirements, they shall be filed in a timely manner; if they do not meet the requirements, the filing person shall be notified to supplement and correct the relevant materials at one time.


    、Units and individuals engaged in the transportation of livestock and poultry shall establish and improve the transportation ledger, and record in detail the quarantine certificate number, the name of the livestock and poultry, the number of livestock and poultry, the transportation time, the place of departure, the place of arrival, the transportation route, vehicle cleaning, disinfection and transportation activities Circumstances such as the disposal of livestock and poultry suspected of being infected or infected, etc. The storage period of the relevant information records of the satellite positioning system of the filing vehicles that transport livestock and poultry across provinces shall not be less than two months.


    、After receiving the quarantine declaration from the place of origin, the animal health supervision agency and its official veterinarian should know the recordation of the transport vehicle, the carrier, the individual and the driver of the vehicle. If it is found that it has not been filed, it shall report to the competent agricultural and rural authorities in a timely manner.


    、The competent departments of agriculture and rural areas should strengthen the construction of informatization, promote the interconnection of quarantine supervision and breeding, transportation, slaughtering and other information, and realize the intelligent supervision of the whole chain of animal quarantine supervision. It is necessary to speed up the improvement of the basic database of farms (households) and slaughterhouses (fields) to realize "menu-based" management of information such as shippers, departure places, and destinations; establish a feedback function for quarantine information, and respond to those who do not confirm arrival within a certain time limit, or confirm If the arrival information does not match the quarantine certificate information, the system should be able to issue warnings in a timely manner; improve the intelligent error correction function of quarantine information, and set intelligent reminders for abnormal situations such as irregular information filling and data errors.


    、The quarantine and transportation management of live poultry and live sheep transported across provinces will no longer implement the "Announcement No. 2516 of the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China" and the "Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture on Strengthening the Supervision of Inter-provincial Transport of Live Sheep" (Agricultural Office Medical [2014] No. 35) related requirements shall be strictly implemented in accordance with animal quarantine regulations.


    、This announcement shall come into force on April 1, 2022. In case of any inconsistency between the regulations on the record management of live pig transport vehicles announced and implemented by our Ministry and this announcement, this announcement shall prevail.

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